Taking a Leap

Here goes nothin’! After probably a couple years of contemplation, I’m taking the leap and starting my own blog. This is really hard for me considering I’m the biggest perfectionist I know, BUT everyone has to start somewhere, right? Thought I’d give a little shoutout to a few ladies whose blogs have inspired me to get moving and put it all out there, messiness, craziness and all.

The Skinny Confidential

I’ve followed Lauryn’s blog for quite a while now and am obsessed. It’s such a pretty little compilation of all things food, fitness, relationships, wellness and whatever else comes to her mind (she writes about some crazy shit but I love it.) She embodies my ultimate blog, bod, LIFE goals.


Kale me Kelly

I recently discovered Kelly’s blog after seeing a post she wrote on a barre studio in Brookhaven that I regularly attend through Classpass. She is adorable and seems like the type of gal you could do some serious brunching with.

Kale me Kelly

Witty and Pretty

The title says it all. Another recent find, I literally die every time I read a new post of Ashley’s. It’s gold. Her outlook on life is amazing.

Witty + Pretty

Pups & Pushups 

A new Atlanta friend & “Accountability Partner” Lauren recently started her blog as well and it’s been a lot of fun following her journey. From feeling like she would never be “high school skinny” again to now being a fit, strong Beachbody coach and Pink Barre addict, this girl’s a total inspiration!

Pups And Pushups

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