Current Obsessions

I have a minor confession: I have a ‘When I’m Not Broke’ list in my phone. It’s categorized by emoji (think dress = clothes, swirly thing = random stuff I want, lipstick = beauty products, home = home decor…) yeah, told ya I’m Type A. SO I figured, since my birthday is in a little over two months (I’m reaaaaalll big on birthdays), this list is also doubling as my Wish List (I’m 23 and my mom still makes me send her one each year. Ugh, such a rough life.)

One may think it is entirely too early to begin thinking about all the things I want for my birthday and/or Christmas, but ladies, this is how we avoid getting gifts that we have to pretend to like. I’m also sure your mom/dad/significant other will really appreciate you spelling out what you want, what color, what size, etc.

Okay so here are my current Wish List obsessions:



+I just feel like this tee is my spirit animal.

+This makes me want a latte & a nap all at the same time.

+Literally obsessed with these. Wasn’t sure how I felt about sneaker wedges but now I am definitely sure I need these for Fall. *Note: I will never, ever get this particular pair as I just can’t deem it reasonable to spend more than like $50 on shoes, but I’m on the hunt for a similar pair.

+I just can’t see myself ever getting sick of this cute lil’ iPad case.

+This jacket makes me want to run to Flywheel, stay for barre and run back (capital LOL) – just so people can see me in my cute ass workout gear.

Trust me, there’s much more than this but here’s a start! Happy Weekend :)



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