A Pink & Gold Bridal Brunch

Our twenties are filled with lots of exciting moments – from milestone birthdays to moving up in our careers to engagements and weddings, these are definitely times we will look back on with fond memories.

When my best friend of 10 years got engaged, I knew I had to help throw her the most perfect bridal shower ever. Three of her bridesmaids, including myself, along with my Mom served as the hostesses and were excited to plan a magical day in her honor. We agreed to do a pink and gold bridal brunch and began the planning process.

First things first: venue and decor. It was an easy decision to throw it at my parents’ house in Tampa, where we had total creative freedom with our decor and could save a little money to put towards other things at the shower. We hung light pink and white lanterns paired with pink tulle and gold paper poufs to create the perfect ambiance. My talented mom cut out little sayings from foam board and painted them glittery gold, created tassel banners, cut out props for our photobooth and even created balloon columns.

Cyd's Bridal Shower 068

Cyd's Bridal Shower 067


Cyd's Bridal Shower 116

Balloon column, courtesy of my mom.

We had photos printed of the adorable couple and placed them in various gold and white frames throughout the house, paired with printed quotes and coasters.

Cyd's Bridal Shower 058


Obviously, the most important part (duh) food and (double duh) drinks was carefully planned out. We decided to prepare all of the food ourselves. A little ambitious, you might think, but I highly recommend doing this over booking a caterer if you’re throwing a shower in the future and want to save yourself, like, a ton of money. It really was not difficult, just a little time-consuming. Thank goodness for my mom’s sweet friends who came over to help boil chicken and chop eggs… glamorous, I know.

Our spread consisted of mini blueberry muffins, fruit salad, quiches, creme brulee’ French toast bake (HEAVEN), a charcuterie platter, egg salad sandwiches, cucumber cream cheese roll-ups and chicken salad cups. Mixed nuts and snack mixes were also placed in little glass bowls throughout the house. We borrowed serving ware and were able to create a really pretty table set-up fairly easily.

Cyd's Bridal Shower 115

Cyd's Bridal Shower 111

Cyd's Bridal Shower 112

Now, for the libations: everyone got nice and toasty at the Bubbly Bar, complete with Prosecco, three different juices and berries for topping. Each guest got her own champagne glass, dipped in chalk paint, to write her name on and keep as a “goodie bag” and we obviously had cutesy little paper straws, strategically placed in each glass, too.

Cyd's Bridal Shower 019

Expert Tip from Mom: Instead of dipping the glasses in the chalk paint, use a paint brush to paint it on the bottom of the glass to avoid the paint looking clumpy or not drying properly.


A few bottles of Pinot Grigio and Rose’ made an appearance, too, for when we all started to get sick of champagne. For the *responsible* ones, we had iced tea with lemons and strawberry-cucumber-mint infused water, which was a total hit.


My personal favorite part was the dessert table (obviously). I’m sorry, but we had the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. Pink ombre’ with tiny, edible pearls, topped with the cutest cake topper made by one of the hostesses. Mom got a little excited and ordered an additional 24 cupcakes with the same look, and we also had wedding cookies, Texas Sheet Cake bites, Carrot Cake and chocolate-covered strawberries. Needless to say, we were all a little full after, but in the best way.

unnamed2Sweet, sweet sugar rush.

Cyd's Bridal Shower 098

Once the flowers came into the mix, my dad thought we were putting on a full-on wedding. I mean, can you blame a girl for going a littttle over the top? We had a beautiful mix of white and pink daisies, roses, carnations and hydrangeas which we methodically arranged into mason jars.

Cyd's Bridal Shower 028

Cyd's Bridal Shower 069

In addition to the chalk paint champagne glasses mentioned earlier, we had these adorable little treats for guests to grab on their way out. Super cute and super cheap to make.

Cyd's Bridal Shower 051

For games, we obviously had to include the toilet paper wedding dress game  – it’s pretty much a bridal shower staple. We also came up with a series of questions for the bride and groom, had him video tape himself answering them and for every question she answered incorrectly based on his answers, she had to put a piece of gum in her mouth. When games and gifts were over, guests headed to our photo booth for some fun.

Cyd's Bridal Shower 130 Cyd's Bridal Shower 236 Cyd's Bridal Shower 154 Cyd's Bridal Shower 259 Cyd's Bridal Shower 286

All in all, planning a bridal shower can seem like a lot at the get-go (thank god for mothers). But, the day turned out absolutely beautiful and (humble brag) the bride-to-be was pretty impressed, too. If you’re planning a bridal shower for a friend or family member in the near future, my main tip would be to cut costs where you can and get creative. As I said earlier, the little things are what totally bring your shower to life. Have fun with it – and I’m sure whoever you’re throwing it for will love it regardless, simply because of the effort you’re putting in to give them such a special day.

Now it’s time to plan the Bachelorette party! Penis straws, anyone?

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