4 Things Guys Just Don’t Get About Working Out

bros being basic

Summer time brings about new goals of getting in shape, staying in shape or just accepting the motto of “If you can’t tone it, tan it” and lathering up with self-tanner for that *natural* glow. Physical aspect aside, a healthy workout routine is really a must-have, especially as we get further into our 20s or 30s. Whether you’re power walking three times a week or double-teaming Kayla Itsines with hour-long SoulCycle classes every day, I’ve always been a proponent of the “something is better than nothing” mentality, but I still think it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle.

That being said, I feel like there’s a lot of guys (not all of them, but a lot) that think working out should be one way, and one way only. Here’s a few things I think we could teach the boys:

1 | It’s about quality, not quantity. Just because a guy spends an hour and a half lifting doesn’t mean that our 20-minute HIIT routine doesn’t torch just as many, if not more, calories. Sure, some workouts should be longer than others, but at the end of the day it really is not about how long you’re spending in the gym any more. With our excessively busy lives, there’s just not time to sit in there all day doing bicep curls and wogging (walk + jog, obv) on the treadmill. Studies are now showing that HIIT is an amazing workout for men & women alike.

2 | Little weights go a LONG way. One of my life goals is to get Danny to join me for a barre class – 2-pound weights and all. Those suckers burn so good. I don’t think men understand the impact of what small, consistent movements with light weights can do for those long, lean muscles. Sure, I think it’s great to alternate some heavier lifting sessions in throughout your week, but barre or other classes with a similar layout are no joke.

cat doing barre

3 | Home gym > LA Fitness. Hear me out here – I just literally can’t with all of the grunting men and annoying ass people buzzing around the big gyms. (ClassPass ruined me and now I’m spoiled) So there’s something I want to get straight – while it is not ideal for every workout, working out in your home or apartment does not mean you’re not getting a solid sweat going. Think of the amazing workout guides – Kayla Itsines, The Skinny Confidential, Way of Gray – that require little to no equipment, yet make you want to cry. You can move your coffee table out of the way & get in a great workout, all without having to make eye contact with anyone at all – yay!

4 | If we’re planning on working out, it’s not just blocking out 30 minutes to one hour of our day. It’s more like three hours of our day. …Even if we use dry shampoo. Sure, you can throw on some makeup and a flowy dress and be out the door but, like, not nearly as fast as men can. We literally have to plan our schedules around making sure there’s time to get our shit together afterwards and get ready for the day or night. Making ourselves pretty takes time, okay?

bros being basic

So, here’s your homework: take your BF to a barre class and watch him sweat ;) – or wait, are those tears…?

Happy Saturday! xx 


12 thoughts on “4 Things Guys Just Don’t Get About Working Out

  1. Okay completely agree that guys feel like they need to spend 2 hours at the gym when in reality that’s so counter-productive. Also I love my home work-outs! I usually do Tone it Up or Blogilates :)



    • Right? Who has time for 2 hours in the gym! Haha – I love TIU workouts & currently doing The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide, too. Thanks for reading! xx


  2. I had to smile at reading this… Girls and guys are so different. Home gym ALL day long, because I can focus so much more at home without extra grunting. I actually love being with other people, but it’s wonderful to have quiet time while working out. And I used to love long workouts, but now I’m all about the HIIT workouts. Little weights are definitely underestimated. I used to underestimate them till I did HIIT workouts combined with weights. Owwwchh… :D


  3. hahaha, I feel like a dude. I like the big wheels (giant weights) and being at the gym, although the latter would probably change if I had a home gym! :P


    • That’s amazing! I’ve heard great things about women lifting heavy weights… I just feel like I can’t do it on my own! It may be time to invest in a trainer haha – thank you for reading girlie!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Haha thanks girl! Classpass is great – I wish I had never dropped it to try something else, because the price is a little high for me now :(


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