7 Ways To Beat Boredom (without leaving your house)

There’s something about Daylight Saving time that just makes you want to curl up and do nothing once it gets dark out – which seems to happen right after work now and it feels like 10pm when it’s 6:13… not cool. I’ll be honest – it can be a little depressing and dull once the sun goes down, especially now that it happens much earlier AND the cold weather of fall is sinking in.

That being said, I’ve come up with a few ideas to beat the Daylight Saving blues – that don’t involve going outside or leaving your apartment… or putting on pants.

1. Start a new Netflix show.

There’s really nothing better than Netflix and Chill(ing) with yourself. You get to pick the show, and how many episodes you binge-watch of said show, all from the comfort of your bed. I’m deep into season 2 of Gossip Girl and think I may have to jump aboard the Grey’s train once I finish it.

2. Cook a really good meal for you & a friend.

I love having my girlfriends over for dinner & wine. It’s a great money-saver considering you can spend $10 on a bottle of wine verses $12 on one glass at a restaurant, so I’m all about that. It also motivates me to try something new in the kitchen instead of my standard staple meals since I’m usually cooking for one. Plus it’s nice to be able to cozy up on your couch with your glass (bottle) of wine and gossip about what happened on the latest episode of Real Housewives. 


3. Do a workout video.

Ok, you may want to put on pants for this one – but I’ve totally done this in my PJs before. Getting to the gym after dark can be hard, but you can still reap the benefits of getting in a good sweat right from the comfort of your own home. I love Tone It Up or Fitness Blender‘s videos, which you can search for directly on YouTube. Burn some cals then pour yourself a glass of red wine – you’ve earned it.

4. Pamper yourself.

I’m a big fan of the single-packet faces masks at Target – they’re like $1.09 each. I also love using lavendar-scented epsom salt and taking a good old-fashioned bubble bath, followed by a mani/pedi and self-tanner. Pluck your eyebrows while you’re at it. Lather yourself in coconut oil. Whatever the hell floats your boat and makes you feel fab. Sometimes all you need is a good pampering sesh.


5. Make a list.

The Type A in me is constantly making lists – lists of things I need to buy, people I need to make plans with, flights I need to book, blah blah blah. But sometimes, in very boring, dull times, it helps to make a list to feel a little productivity happening. I’m in the process of putting together my Christmas list for my mom (I asked her if I was too old… she said no, thank god.)

6. Clean out your closet.

Especially during the holiday season, there’s no better feeling than getting rid of things that you don’t need and either a) selling them on Poshmark to make some money for your holiday shopping or b) even better – donating them to someone in need. Either way, there’s something cleansing about minimizing your closet each season and getting rid of things that no longer serve you. (I think that’s a metaphor for life right there…)

7. Do something creative.

When I’m bored, I love doing something that gets my creative juices flowing. Usually it’s blogging, but sometimes it’s rearranging things in my apartment, doing a DIY art project, baking a new recipe… you can go a lot of directions with it, just get creative.

I hope these ideas help pull you out of the daylight savings rut like they have for me! Hope you all are having a beautiful Sunday. :)

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