4 Tips to Avoid the Holiday Packing Stress


The tree is up, the hot cocoa is flowin’ and Elf is on repeat. How about y’all?

I am so excited for Christmas and can’t wait to be home in sunny Florida celebrating it with my family. As I pack for my long weekend ahead, I put together a few tried and true tips that I use whenever I’m packing for a trip that I thought would be helpful for you all as you pack your suitcases for the holidays.

Make a list.

You guys probably know by now how Type A I am, but having a list can seriously help eliminate some of the stress of packing. When you’re packing for a trip, make a list of what you’ll be doing and what exactly you’ll need. Here’s an example:


  • AM: workout outfit
  • Lunch: cute shorts/top OR maxi dress
  • Dinner on the beach: flowy skirt + top


  • AM: bathing suit + cover-up
  • PM: comfy, cute outfit for bon fire

+ contact lenses

+ books

+ iPad

+ steamer

As you pull things out and put them in your ‘pack this’ pile, cross off your list. I also always pull out everything I’m going to pack before it starts going in the suitcase, that way it’s easier to tell if I’m forgetting something.

Choose your shoes.

Pick two or three (or four) pairs of shoes, tops. You just simply do not need to bring all ten pairs of your booties on your trip. Select a few versatile pairs of shoes and build your outfits based on what will look cute with them. Whenever I travel home, I typically pack my sneakers, a pair of heels or wedges (maybe booties or OTK boots if you’re traveling somewhere cold) that I can wear with multiple outfits and a pair of casual sandals for daytime.

Plan your outfits.

Put together at least a few key outfits you plan to wear before they go into your bag. Rather than just throwing all of your cute tops and fave pairs of jeans in your bag, build out your outfits before they make it into your suitcase. This should really help with that chronic overpacking thing we all do…

Downsize your makeup bag.

I have a lot of makeup, but only a handful of products I use on an everyday basis. Think about what you’re going to be doing wherever you’re going and build your makeup bag around the occasion. For example, I highly doubt I’ll be going out while I’m at home for Christmas, so I’ll probably stick to the basics and leave the dark lipstick and grey eyeshadows at home. It’s just not necessary to bring the full gang with you most of the time.

I’d love to hear from you – where are you heading for the holidays? Which of these tips was the most helpful to you?

Hope you all have a beautiful holiday!

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