Why You Need a Social Media Detox – Like Yesterday…


Hi friends & Happy October! It’s officially my favorite month of the year and I could not be more excited.

This past weekend, I got to stand by one of my sweet girlfriend’s sides as she married the man of her dreams. Complete with an insane venue (Frogtown Cellars in Dahlonega – GORGEOUS), the most perfect fall weather, my handsome date and lots of good wine and good food, it was an amazing weekend.

As someone who’s self-admittedly addicted to social media, I decided to take a little breather and just be PRESENT – and it made such a difference. I maybe spent ten minutes on Instagram tops (because quitting cold turkey is hard, k?)

I felt completely present, not worried about what other friends were doing that weekend or what they were wearing or where they were traveling to. I was able to focus on the here and now, and it truly was a breath of fresh air.

The funny part was that I didn’t even miss it. There wasn’t a moment where I thought “I need to go grab my phone!” It stayed in the bridal suite during the entire wedding.

Sometimes, it’s so important to take a step back, unplug and appreciate what’s happening around you instead of worrying about what’s happening in some far off Internet land.

We’ve become so engrossed in the world of social media – and don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very cool in the way that it connects us and how it has changed the way we communicate. However, being mindful and present in the moment is a lost art that I think we could all focus on a little bit more.

My little social media detox made me feel grateful, energized and content. Instead of worrying about capturing the perfect blogger shot in (literally) the most picturesque setting, I laughed with my friends and boyfriend, danced the night away and made memories I’ll always remember.

I think I’m going to try to do this at least once a week moving forward and see how it goes. Who’s with me?

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