6 Steps for Getting out of a Rut

I’ve been in a rut. Like a full-on, uninspired, unmotivated rut. I don’t know if it was coming back from Thanksgiving that made me feel worn out or if it’s the weird December weather that has left me feeling completely burnt out, but the struggle has been REAL.

But don’t worry – I’ll save you the pain of moaning and groaning about it and tell you how I got OUT of this rut. It may have taken me a week, but I’m back to feeling like myself again – and that’s a good feeling.

[Step 1] Let yourself be in a rut.

Wait, what? Yes. Sometimes we just need to let ourselves chill and feel our feelings and stay in our rut. Our first instinct is to ask ourselves what the heck is wrong with us and try to move on with our days as if nothing is going on, and the majority of the time, that just leaves you feeling even more burnt out than before. So – take a step back and give yourself permission to relax.

[Step 2] Allow yourself to cancel plans.

So obviously if you have a huge interview or work meeting, you likely can’t cancel those. But plans with friends, meeting someone new for coffee, hanging out with your sister all day – those plans can be postponed. We often feel such crazy pressure to fulfill all of our commitments, to be everything to everyone and a lot of times, that leaves zero time for number one – you.

[Step 3] Give yourself what you need. 

Sometimes you just need a cocktail. Or a new outfit. Or a pizza night with your best friend. I needed a grilled cheese sandwich, a glass of red wine and a bubble bath, k? Especially during the week, a lot of us feel like we can’t tune in to what we need because we’re too busy trying to meet our next deadline, make someone else happy or run a million errands. Stop and ask yourself what you NEED, and give yourself permission to give it to yo’ damn self.

[Step 4] Have a day completely to yourself.

Last Sunday, I made zero plans. Nada. Zilch. I knew that I desperately needed a day to myself. I woke up at 10:30 (praise Jesus), had an almond milk latte from Starbucks, made myself some almond butter & banana toast, and spent the day listening to podcasts, cleaning my apartment and watching Christmas movies. And it was EXACTLY what I needed. No plans, no commitments, no appointments… it was pretty much bliss.

[Step 5] Do something that always makes you feel productive.

Maybe it’s spending five minutes organizing a drawer or five hours cleaning your entire house. Whatever it is for you, pick something that you know you’ll feel accomplished after doing, and do it. Since I work from home, I never meal prep any more, but I had some food in my fridge I needed to use up, and knew I wanted to have healthy options for meals this week, so I spent a couple of hours meal prepping and felt so much better afterwards.

[ Step 6] Get back into your routine.

Monday morning I woke up, made my coffee with collagen and almond milk, whipped up my usual smoothie and got to work early. I took a barre class at lunch, worked in the afternoon and then spent the evening making myself dinner and curling up on the couch with trashy TV – just how I like it. After (let’s be honest) a week of my routine being ALL over the place, my body and soul desperately craved it. Sometimes the best thing you can do when you’re just not feelin’ it is to try to get back into your routine.

And wouldn’t you know… I’m out of my rut! I feel energized, motivated, inspired and 10x better – really. So next time you’re just not feeling like yourself, I encourage you to follow these steps and know that EVERYONE has bad days… bad weeks… bad months. We’re human. :)


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