Committed to Dry January? My Tips for Sticking to it

With January comes resolutions upon resolutions – goals of getting that promotion, losing weight, paying off student loans, spending less money… the list continues. While New Year’s resolutions can be overrated, I think there’s something refreshing about a fresh start, so I’m all about it. I’ve got a number of resolutions/goals/intentions – whatever we want to call them – and one of my goals was to actually complete Dry January this year. A month with no alcohol. No vodka, no champagne – nada.

But why? It’s not like I’m going out every weekend chugging vodka drinks, right? (You guys know I’m kind of a grandma…) Honestly, I just felt like I needed a reset. And I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could do it. I’m about two weeks in and honestly, I’m feeling great. There are few feelings better than waking up naturally on a Saturday morning before 9am with no hangover! Granted, I’m definitely not giving up alcohol for good, but let’s see how long I can take this thing, shall we?

If you’re in the same boat as me this month, here’s a few tips I’ve implemented to help me through it.

Replace your rosé with kombucha.

If I can’t have my wine, I’m drinkin’ booch. It’s light, bubbly and tastes great without the next day regret. But here’s the REAL tip – drink it in a wine glass. I like to take it a step further and make a mocktail with kombucha, sparkling water, lemon and mint. SO good and festive.

Keep your weekends busy with non-drinking activities.

Y’all know the drill. Friday rolls around and all we can think about is “When is 5:00?” I think it’s safe to say most people’s weekends revolve around drinking in some capacity. So scheduling non-drinking activities on your weekend is the perfect way to combat that. Plan a lunch date or hike with a friend, a facial, a shopping trip, a Netflix date with yourself… there’s actually a lot you can do that doesn’t involve cocktails! The trick is scheduling them into your calendar.

Have a go-to when you start to feel stressed.

When we’re feeling stressed or anxious, often our first response is to reach for the bottle of wine. Having an alternative available is key. Maybe it’s having dark chocolate on hand, buying yourself some yummy-smelling bath salts and taking a bath or having a best friend to FaceTime with – whatever works for you to help you de-stress.

Micro-manage your bartender.

As my favorite blogger Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential always says, micro-manage your bartender! If you do find yourself in social situations (and you’re not being a complete hermit like me LOL) then this is key. Have him/her make you a fun mocktail – try a combo of club soda or sparkling water, lime, mint and cucumber! You’ll get to sip on a fun drink that looks like a cocktail while hydrating and it’ll help you avoid the inevitable “OMG you’re not drinking?!” questions.

Journal every night.

I think one of the main reasons a lot of us choose to participate in Dry January, or any time without alcohol, is to reset our bodies and see how we FEEL. So track it by journaling – this has been really powerful for me. Being able to look back at the days and weeks gone by and reading over how good I felt has been super helpful.

So, I’m hoping these tips are helpful to you if you’re doing this, too! Are you participating in Dry January? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Committed to Dry January? My Tips for Sticking to it

  1. It is a challenge, but your liver will love you for it. I’ve had quite a few dry months over the years. I started one in September which carried on through until mid-December! I love the feeling of waking up hangover-free and able to get on with life. Just a week left to go – you can do it!


    • Girl – so sorry for the late reply here! But YES no hangover on weekend mornings was life-changing! I made it through all 31 days, and can honestly say I feel much more mindful about my alcohol consumption now. Full blog post to come! <3

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