A Magical Self-Care Spa Day ft. exhale spa

I’ve been really into the concept of self-care lately. With our busy schedules and running around like crazy people all day long, I think it’s become more crucial than ever. I love a good face mask/tea/warm bath situation when I can squeeze it in, or even something not so extravagant like making myself a warm, nourishing breakfast instead of a fast smoothie or yogurt. Start weaving little self-care moments into your day and see what happens.

Today I want to talk about the ultimate self-care scenario – a trip to the spa!

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy the most incredible couples massage with Danny at exhale spa in Midtown. It was the whole shebang – zen music, infused water, essential oils and the most relaxing massage. I had tried out exhale before for its workout classes (love their barre and cycling), but when I got the chance to try a spa treatment I was so freakin’ excited.

Let me walk you through the day. 

So, D & I got to the Loews hotel in Midtown (exhale is located inside the hotel) about 20 minutes early and checked in. The space is absolutely gorgeous and so, so zen. It’s like they spray the air with something to make you calm and relaxed the second you walk in.  After filling out some brief paperwork, they led us to our respective bathrooms to get our robes on and get our spa day underway. I put on my plush, oversized robe and was ready for my rub-down.

We got the Couples Flow Massage (exhale’s signature massage) and it was pure relaxation. We got to each pick our own essential oil for our massage therapist to use (we both picked the citrusy “detox” one) and then we stripped down and got on our massage tables for some very much needed R&R. I think I dozed in and out of consciousness for the next hour, but it was amazing. Afterwards, we both felt so relaxed and refreshed.

We put our robes back on and headed to the hammam and sauna, where we sipped on cucumber water and hot tea and just chilled. No phones. No emails. It was great. 

Whether you can get to the spa or not, I think it’s critical to weave self-care practices into your everyday – whether it’s taking five minutes in the morning to sit with your coffee in silence, or taking a yoga class before a busy day – make the time to squeeze it in.

That being said, I highly recommend exhale for a spa therapy, because #TreatYoSelf, right? The kind staff, amazing amenities and zen atmosphere at exhale make it the perfect destination for you to reconnect with yourself or your significant other.

Hope you all are having an awesome week filled with lots of self-care !!! I’m off to go read and attempt to get to bed early for barre in the AM. Night!

Rowing is the New Running // ft. Total Row Fitness

Hi guys! I hope you’re all having an awesome week. It’s been a crazy one for me, buuuut what else is new?

So I just want to jump right in and talk about Buckhead’s newest (and coolest) rowing studio, Total Row Fitness. As you guys probably saw from my Insta Stories, I’ve been incorporating Total Row 30- and 45-minute classes into my routine and loving them. YEP, you can get an amazing workout in only 30 minutes. I sound like an infomercial,  but that’s beside the point…


Nobody has time to work out for an hour and a half these days. But with Total Row’s method, you really can break a sweat and feel super accomplished in a much shorter timeframe. My personal favorite is the TR 45 class. It’s a mixture of rowing and HIIT that incorporates slam balls, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. Think five minutes on the rower, five minutes of HIIT and so on. Burns so good. They also offer that same class format in a 30-minute version (TR 30), as well as 30 minutes of all rowing (Row 30) and 45 minutes of rowing (Indo-Row.)

Rowing is a low-impact workout that anyone of any age or fitness level can do. It works 84% of your body, too, which I am ALL for. I’m trying to get a full body workout pretty much every time I step foot in a gym or fitness studio, again because of the time thing. Nobody has it! With Total Row, you’re working 9 out of your 11 muscle groups every single time. I also want to talk about the WaterRower (this is the machine they use.) You control your own resistance based on how much power you put into your strokes, which I love because you really get to make your workout your own.


Lastly, the studio team is amazing. They make you feel like a part of the TR family from the second you walk in, and are always trying to help you perfect your form and reach your personal best. I can’t say enough good things about the amazing instructors!

I would highly recommend incorporating rowing classes into your workouts. It’s a great form of cardio that doesn’t require running (thank the LORD) – plus you’re sitting on a rowing machine the whole time. Um, yes please. If you’re interested in trying a class, use my code YESGIRL10 for 10% off any package/membership!


I hope you all have a great rest of your week! I’m off to try to unwind with a bath and some sort of hot bev. Goodnight!

Why “Having it All” is BS


Having it all. We love the sound of that phrase. For whatever reason, this notion of ‘having it all’ seems to be what drives us in our careers, our relationships, our fitness journeys – it’s that end result that we all seem to be striving for. But let’s be real, it’s unattainable. Yet, it seems like something that all of us still continue to strive for, even knowing that plain and simple it’s never going to happen.

The problem is that it’s subjective – the whole having your life together thing. Some people don’t give a shit about making money as long as they’re working in a field they love. Some people don’t really care about having a lot of friends if they’re working their way up the corporate ladder. And some people really don’t care about being fit as long as they’re mentally and spiritually happy and healthy. It’s different for every single one of us.

Regardless, we still compare and compare…and compare again. We look longingly at the ‘hot mom’ with three kids, a gorgeous husband, the perfect home and great girlfriends; the twenty-something who has worked her way up through three promotions, just got engaged (and damn, look at that rock!) and is going on vacation to Bora Bora next week, and we think “what if?” What if I got to have their life, their successes, their boyfriend/girlfriend/house, etc… The list goes on.

I deleted Snapchat because of this. I usually get the “Whaaat – why?!” reaction when I tell anyone that I no longer have the most favorited social app among all millennials, but it wasn’t enriching my life. There were nights I’d be perfectly fine and cool sitting at home with a glass of wine alone watching Gossip Girl and then I’d watch a Story or two of some girl I knew in college on vacation in Mexico or my friends out somewhere having a blast, and I’d suddenly feel really down about what once was my ideal plan for that night. The comparison game is just a downward spiral.

We’re inundated with constant updates of what everyone else is doing and obviously, it’s everyone’s highlight reel that’s out there on social media – not their boring nights in or their breakouts or break-ups. It’s funny because we all know this, yet it still affects us all at some point.

So how do we stop? To be honest, I’m still figuring it out. I’m still trying to learn how to just be content and at peace, and I think it’s a work in progress for all of us. I think that being aware, and understanding yourself is key in moving forward and cutting the crap. I’d say that’s a pretty good first step.

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I needed a pep talk. A swift kick in the ass to stop stressing out about this idea of having it all and how do I get there and what do I need to do to get there. I hope, if anything, you’re inspired to look at your life and reflect on where you are and how far you’ve come, and to know that you are doing just fine, wherever you are in life in this moment.