Me, Myself & I

The topic of ‘me time’ is one that’s been very popular with me lately. As someone whose planner is literally always full, half because of things I have to do and half because I psycho-plan my weekends a week in advance, time alone is definitely an area where I’m feeling a little deprived. I live my life by such a schedule that taking care of myself and my needs falls by the wayside at times. Even if I do have free time, I find myself feeling anxious if I’m not using that time to clean up my apartment or send an email I’ve been needing to send, since it feels like 24 hours is never enough. It’s amazing how quickly spreading yourself too thin can burn you out and leave you thinking,

I need to spend more time by myself. 

The Design Chaser

I’m happiest when I’m with people I love but at the same time, I feel like it’s tough to give all your attention and energy when you’re feeling depleted from the stresses of work, relationships and everyday life. Especially as women, it seems like we’re always giving a little too much of ourselves. Sometimes, your needs are the most important!

I want to start making more time to do a few things… going to a movie alone, sitting at a coffee shop and blogging or reading, going on walks, at-home spa treatments, painting, journaling, waking up a little earlier to get exercise, playing around with new hair ideas on Pinterest, giving yoga another try, online shopping, baking, reading magazines, maybe taking up calligraphy.

These may sound a little cheesy but it’s the little things like these that, believe it or not, sometimes bring you the most joy. I had an old, ugly canvas that I wanted to spruce up and literally had it on my to-do list for a month so that I could hang it up. I spent a Saturday afternoon painting my favorite quote (lovelovelove this quote) on the canvas and it was just a peaceful thing that gave me my little bit of happy for the day.

fave quote

It may sound weird to schedule some time alone, but at least for me, that’s what it takes sometimes! I’m heading to Tampa for my best friend’s bridal shower today (yay!) but am def scheduling some me time for next week. I’m thinking a coffee facial scrub and lots of reading.

What do you want to do this week to give yourself a little extra love? 

A Little Motivation For Your Monday Blues

Happy Monday! Going to be honest for a sec – I get real upset when the weekend ends. Like I’m talking a serious case of the Sunday Sads. I dread Mondays like the plague (workin on it, y’all). You’d think it gets easier after a year in the “real world” but, like, not really. College was pretty much a 4-year-long-weekend-party-fest with the occasional ‘chill’ night in (drinking two bottles of wine in your pajamas and proceeding to the Chick-fil-A drive through at midnight) and then you’re thrown into working, paying bills, going to the gym and attempting to maintain a social life and proper sleep schedule. #Adulting. ANYWAYS, Mondays are tough, but they just make the weekends that much sweeter.

I had a pretty good weekend – lazy Friday night, first Cyc fitness class and pool day Saturday followed by a sushi & drinks double date, then, per usual, attempting to be a real person on Sunday. I did just want to touch on something I’ve been thinking about after I saw an Instagram post from Donna (FORME Studios) (PS – if you haven’t tried one of her classes yet, sign up now – they’re amazing) about how much we, as women compare our bodies to other women’s bodies, because I was totally guilty of this this weekend at the pool.


I was just trying to enjoy a pool day with my boyfriend and before I know it, the thoughts just roll in – “no matter how healthy I eat, I’ll never look like her”. I totally related to this Instagram post because I’ve always had this mentality that once I get to my “ideal body”, that light switch is going to come on and I’m just going to be this confident, content, glowing person because I suddenly have a flat stomach and a thigh gap. THIS IS SO FALSE! Being honest with myself, I know that I would just find something else to obsess over. Let’s face it, there is always going to be that girl who is skinnier than you, has a nicer butt or bigger boobs – so why waste your time comparing yourself to them? I say this for you just as much as for myself, because it’s totally easier said than done.

For those of you who do this bullshit like me, let’s set a goal for ourselves this week to stop comparing ourselves to other women and start focusing on the things we do like about ourselves. I may not be close to where I’d like my body to be, but I’m planning and meal prepping all of my meals almost every Sunday, eating healthy meals 85% of the time & working out at least 4-5 times a week. Is it as far as I can take it? Prob not, but I’m still taking steps to be a healthier, fitter and stronger version of myself, and I think that’s something to be pretty damn proud of.

It’s the start of a new week, and a new chance to get after your goals, so I’m setting a few mini-goals this week to push myself a little further.

1. Work out 6 days this week

2. Wake up and sweat for 30 minutes 3 times this week (doing it in the morning is key even though I’ve totally fallen off this wagon)

3. Potty break squats – 10 squats every time you use the restroom at work, who’s doing these with me?!

What goals are you setting for yourself this week?


Taking a Leap

Here goes nothin’! After probably a couple years of contemplation, I’m taking the leap and starting my own blog. This is really hard for me considering I’m the biggest perfectionist I know, BUT everyone has to start somewhere, right? Thought I’d give a little shoutout to a few ladies whose blogs have inspired me to get moving and put it all out there, messiness, craziness and all.

The Skinny Confidential

I’ve followed Lauryn’s blog for quite a while now and am obsessed. It’s such a pretty little compilation of all things food, fitness, relationships, wellness and whatever else comes to her mind (she writes about some crazy shit but I love it.) She embodies my ultimate blog, bod, LIFE goals.


Kale me Kelly

I recently discovered Kelly’s blog after seeing a post she wrote on a barre studio in Brookhaven that I regularly attend through Classpass. She is adorable and seems like the type of gal you could do some serious brunching with.

Kale me Kelly

Witty and Pretty

The title says it all. Another recent find, I literally die every time I read a new post of Ashley’s. It’s gold. Her outlook on life is amazing.

Witty + Pretty

Pups & Pushups 

A new Atlanta friend & “Accountability Partner” Lauren recently started her blog as well and it’s been a lot of fun following her journey. From feeling like she would never be “high school skinny” again to now being a fit, strong Beachbody coach and Pink Barre addict, this girl’s a total inspiration!

Pups And Pushups