The Ultimate October BDay Gal Gift Guide

October is my favorite month of the year. One, because it’s┬áthe real start of my favorite season ever (fall, obviously); Two, it’s my birthday month!; And three, a lot of my girls have birthdays this month, too so it’s pretty much 31 days of celebrations – which no one can be mad at, right?

So, in honor of the best month ever and what seems to be a huge month for birthdays, I’ve put together an adorable lil’ bday gift guide, just for you. (PS All of these things are on my wish list too, just sayin’.) Enjoy! xx


1 Gorg bangles | 2 Yummy-smelling, pretty candles | 3 Cute ass desk accessories |

4 Beautifying body scrub | 5 The perfect travel coffee cup