Gratitude, Attitude & Everything in Between


It’s so easy to think about all of the things in our lives we want to change… whether it’s bettering our relationship or our apartment or our body or our career, we tend to fall into this cycle of always wanting more. I think we’re all a little guilty of it.

We’re constantly inundated with this idea of “practicing gratitude” – just “practice gratitude” and you’ll be happy. Just “practice gratitude” and you’ll finally be at peace. Just “practice gratitude” and you’ll have all the things you want in life.

But let’s be real – sometime’s it’s hard.

Sometimes you’re so caught up in the negative that you don’t even have it in you to think about what you’re grateful for and it’s the last thing on your mind. But I think we can all agree that, especially at this time of year, it’s important to look at your life and say “wow, I’m really grateful for these things I have.” The key is to keep that going past the holidays, into the new year, and into all years of your life.

I looked up the word ‘grateful‘ and here’s what it said:

Grateful: feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

That brings about a whole other angle of this whole ‘gratitude’ thing, doesn’t it? Sure, you can feel an appreciation of something or someone. But showing it is what actually matters. It’s the tangible part of practicing gratitude.

Have you ever given someone a gift that literally made them light up? Remember that feeling you had seeing the look on their face and how happy it made them? I know that I have and I’m kind of obsessed with that feeling. As cliche as it is, sometimes that feeling of giving provides us much more happiness than anything we can receive.

So I encourage you, this Thanksgiving and moving forward, to show your gratitude. Don’t just feel it and let it pass by. Write a letter to your best friend telling her how grateful you are for her. Tell your mom how lucky you are to have her. Give your boyfriend or girlfriend a huge hug and let them know how much they mean to you (even though you bicker like a married couple.) Show your gratitude and watch how it pays off in your life.

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful to be back in sunny Florida spending the holiday with Danny’s family; for my incredible family; for warm coffee; for my cozy, little studio apartment; for a job that allows me to basically work from anywhere doing something I love; for my readers who encourage me to keep going when I’m feeling uninspired; for good health; and for my best friends.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with those you love. I’ll be over here in FL getting some sun and eating alllll the goods tomorrow (in moderation, of course.) If you haven’t checked out my post on keeping it balanced this Thanksgiving, it’s a good one.

Happy (early) Turkey Day, babes!  

5 Tips To Help You Not Let It All Go This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, quality time, being grateful and, of course, feasting! While I have to admit I’m usually entirely too interested in the stuffing and Green Bean Casserole to give a crap about how I’m going to feel in about 33 minutes, I usually regret going for seconds (maybe thirds) –and I’m really sensing a change in that this year.  It’s amazing how lethargic, bloated and straight-up gross you can feel after a big meal. We tend to treat Thanksgiving like an eating contest – but why?! It’s not like we don’t have leftovers for weeks on end…

In order to combat that gross/nasty/”never again” feeling, I’ve come up with a few of my favorite tips that I plan to implement this Thursday to keep a healthy balance. I hope that these can maybe help you to take a step back and really enjoy the holiday with loved ones, instead of being so worried about saving room for an extra slice of pumpkin pie, and then probably feeling sick and gross and like you need to run an extra three miles tomorrow.

SO enough rambling – here’s my tips!

1. Start out the day with a huge green smoothie. Our Thanksgiving veggies usually come smothered in salt, butter or creamy sauces – AKA, not in their purest form – so it’s important to still get your fruits and veggies in. A green smoothie is a great way to get a big dose of good-for-you stuff first thing in the morning. Try a combo of unsweetened almond milk or coconut water, kale or spinach, your fave fruits like banana and blueberries, maybe some chia seeds or raw almond butter and lots of ice. Drink up and reap the benefits pre-turkey.

green smoothie2. Sweat it out. Thursday morning, soon after you wake up, plan to get in a 30-minute sweat session. Whether it’s a hot yoga class, walk or jog around your neighborhood or an at-home HIIT workout, make a commitment to yourself to get it in before the day kicks off. Danny and I are planning on going for a quick trail run and getting a little sweat going before indulging in all the goodies.

3. Don’t forget your water bottle. If you’re like me, your water bottle is with you constantly. So why should this day be any different? Keep in mind how good you feel when you’re drinking a ton of water and keep yourself hydrated in between glasses of wine. Your body will thank you later.

s'well bottle

4. Speaking of water, mix up your beverages. Sure, the whole “drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink” tip is great, but who actually remembers to do it? Trick yourself by adding ice cubes to your white wine or make a spritzer with half wine and half kombucha or sparkling water. You’ll still get your buzz and the good taste without getting overly dehydrated.

5. Bring a healthy option. Whether you’re heading home for Thanksgiving or spending it with your significant other or friends, it’s not only a courtesy to offer to bring a dish or two – but it can help you stay on track, too! If you’re not in full control of the menu, it’s often hard to find healthier options so why not bring your own? For starters, maybe try out these Brussels Sprouts Gratin or this Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole. My mouth is watering already.

sweet potatoes

Hopefully some of these tips help you to have a more balanced Thanksgiving and maybe, just maybe you won’t have to unbutton your jeans at the dinner table this year.

What other tips do you have for keeping it healthy during a big holiday meal?